I really liked that episode, and Im DEFINITELY hoping for rainipups in future episodes.

I watch Adventure Time and Regular Show religiously with my parents, my mom thought this was the best episode ever. My dad keeps saying “I have all the bread you’ll ever need!” like BMO. Oh boy.

But a thing that was brought up, Rainicorns age fast. So do Dogs. Thats why Finns only 14 while Jake is 28, even though they were babies at the same time. Possibly also why their parents are gone— though it may be due to other circumstances.

Finn is probably going to outlive Jake. Thats scary, guys.

The pups all seemed to have Rainicorn powers too, some flying, changing colors, and phasing. Jake Jr’s pony tail stretched like Jake does. I knew the rainicorn powers were genetic, but I didnt know Jakes were. Jake got them from rolling in a puddle, possibly made of nuclear waste, right? Did they change his DNA to a point where the powers could be passed on? Hm.

And I wonder if they are ever going to discuss Jake Jrs obvious deformity. She seems to be the “leader”, as she was the one who spoke when the others didnt. Was it because of Ricardio?

Overall a good episode!

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